The My Bike Wash Concept

My Bike Wash Concept

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My Bike Wash is not just a machine but a revolutionary system. Its innovative, automated, eco-friendly, quick, and affordable technology soon got recognition as a market leader. The system is capable of washing 120 bikes per day. It is a fully enclosed unit with an inbuilt water tank. The complete process is automatic. A single washing cycle comprises three steps: low-pressure rinse wash, foam wash, and finally, the high-pressure wash. The machine sprays water and soap solution at a preset pressure to ensure the best quality, efficient, and quick cleaning. The user selects the program as per the type of bike and its dirt condition. Almost 90% of the water is recycled.

The system demonstrated unparalleled test results for an on-field worst-case performance trial. The results were beyond expectations, as the system proved its reliability with hassle-free working. The focus was on optimum resource utilization, i.e., water, electricity, and time.

The system cleans all kinds and sizes of two-wheelers: motorbikes, scooters, and even bicycles in just 2-5 minutes with less than 10-15 liters of water. Thanks to the innovative water recycling mechanism! Three different systems are designed to suit the small garages’ requirements and even the premium authorized service centers.

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