MBW Store

MBW Store

We do not want to limit ourselves as just being the manufacturers. We are equally interested in being recognized as ‘technology spreaders’ with this idea; we have launched a unique and well-thought franchisee model, the ‘MBW store.’ It is useful for all those who are interested in getting associated with us. Apart from washing, a few other related services are also made available at these centers.

MBW store is a thoughtful franchise business model. It provides the premium system and enables the partners to grab the additional business opportunity through careful support, continuous monitoring, and strategic consulting throughout the association. It is one of our strong USPs. One of the most significant advantages of this model is the reduction of the upfront financial burden. Investing in MBW stores means to have a basket of benefits. Additionally, we offer our insight and experience as an active partner who cares for its franchise’s growth and success.


Quick and Guaranteed ROI

Advancement in Services Offerings

Low Operational Costs

Eco-Friendly Machine

No Specia Installation Required

Ready For Wash Machine

Suggested Business Locations

Services to be Offered at Franchisee

Franchisee Benefits

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing and local offline marketing will be taken care of by MBW

Staff Training

MBW will train the staff of the franchisee

Consumable Supply

All the consumables will be supplied, as per order

Press and media

Press and media coverage by MBW

Loyalty programs

Loyalty programs for franchisee

Scope of Vardom Cleantech

Scope of Franchiser