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Launching Blast at Coimbatore- #MyBikeWash

It’s a memorable event to launch our product at our customer’s location. When your customer
knows the business of your product then you do not have to worry about the success of your
product. Our customer at Coimbatore named his startup as Quick Bike Wash was an employee at
Dubai. But while doing job he was thinking to do any smart business. He has tried 4-5 small
startups but didn’t succeed. The reason may be whatever, but he becomes alert and searching
such kind of business without any threat.  Then he came across with our product on the Google.
He searched all the information about the machine, cost, potential of business, availability of
machine in the world, variety of designs, advantaged of all the suppliers, requirement of starting
this business and many other minute details.
After studying this he concluded to start his business by purchasing a machine from only My
Bike wash. When he came at Pune to visit our location his motto was to see us and to discuss
some points of maintenance, service and cost and not for seeing or testing our machine.
Because he studied our product much more and now he want to concentrate on only business.
We discussed on how to choose location, what space will be required for set up, power
connection, manpower requirement etc. It was a nice day to be with our privileged customer.
At that time our machine was in testing phase. He went to his workplace and issued advance
after finalizing place within a month.
When we are seeing in flashback 'how we got our first customer?', we can definitely say our
USP, clarity in communication and our approach to our customer.
When we visited the place of machine location at the time of inauguration, we really felt that our
machine is in right hand. What a location it was? Awesome!! Nine colleges within 3 kms, one IT
park, rich residential area, all commercial neighbors etc etc. 
We can imagine the dedication of a person by seeing the decoration for a washing center.
This is a pathway for new entrepreneurs who want to start any startup. Dedication, belief in
yourself, potential of product, calculations of ROI, Location of business, marketing strategy and
vision of identifying business are the key points to learn for investors.
Also we have invited investors on this occasion for the details discussion and demo of machine.
We got tremendous response and finalized more orders for Franchisee.
We congratulate Quick Bike Wash our channel partner in Coimbatore for his business and for

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